girl night. {family traditions}

Tonight was girl night.  I guess that's a good place to start my new photography blog.  Me and my mom had a great time with each other without all the boys (well, except my littlest brother.  He stayed with us tonight.)

Mom and I started a girl journal just for the two of us.  It's got little readings full of God's promises and we took turns reading it out loud together tonight.  (Mom teases me during school time that I'm a read-aloud hog.  I am!  ;)  )

We had a delicious dinner and were totally silly while we ate it.  We both love stuff like steamed artichokes, pickled garlic, goat cheese and grapes, and even butternut squash ravioli sauteed in brown butter...

the artichokes were dipped in butter and balsamic vinegar.  yum!

We toasted to each other and to being girls together!
Monday night is both girl night and guy night.  We take turns with the boys keeping my littlest brother.  I love reading to my littlest brother (he tells me I'm his best friend).


Kyle & Jordyn said...

Love the new blog! you go girl!

p.s. (browned butter makes everything amazing!) :)


LovingLegacy said...

thank you Jordyn! I miss you so much!

p.s. your soo right{:-D

love you,

Marvelous Things said...

Oh how sweet!!! I think you are a big inspiration. I want to homeschool my sons. They are only 3 years old and 17 months old at the moment, but I know I have to start figuing all this out soon! That is adorable how you are doing a journal with your daughter. One day she'll read back on it when she is a teen and mad at you and realize you totally love her!! I remember my mom wrote a journal when I was born and when she was pregnant with me up until I was about 5. . .I would sneak into her room, read it when we had a fight, and then apologize.

Sara Hasstedt said...

Just wanted to say hello because I happened upon your blog when I googled "blog header" in search of inspiration for designing my own. And I just have to say, you are too cute and very talented! It looks like you have big things ahead of you! Your photography is wonderful and I love the idea of the journal you keep with God's promises. :) What a neat family you have-keep glorifying the Lord through your gifts! :)

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